I’ve read about all kinds of ways to advertise. And they all are promising. But, the truth is, There is only one way to advertise Successfully… So, what are the best ways to advertise?

Remember the one who advertises the most, makes the most money.

Think of advertising like going fishing:

You need good equipment (website, products to sell)

The best bait (ads, sales letter, advertising)

Know where the fish are biting (target the right prospects, every where)

Patience (relax and wait for a bite. Then reel them in)

The ABC’s of successful advertising:
A. Advertise
B. Business
C. Continuously

Advertising is the very heart beat of your business. No matter what business you’re in, doctor, lawyer, babysitter, painter, internet entrepreneur, etc.

Why are some businesses so successful? Is it their products? Maybe, but I don’t think so. The main reason is not their products, it’s their advertising.

I’m here to tell you. Advertising is the key to your success. Stop or slow down on your advertising and your business will soon die. I guarantee!

You have to be dedicated to advertising 90% of the time and the other 10% should be used to find other products to sell, or creating better ads or sales letters.

Have you ever stop to think about all the advertising around you every single day?
Pick up anything around you right now, and you will see the brand name or logo of the company on it.

Any thing from remote controls, magazines, toys, ink pens, pencils, clocks, etc. Hey, what about your vehicle you drive, see the advertisement, Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, etc.

Tires have Goodyear, Firestone, and so on. Coffee, tea, bread, milk, bottled water, etc.
What about driving down the highway? Billboards, store fronts, semi trucks (company name on side of them.) Ups, FedEx, Cex, Pam, J. B. Hunt, etc.. What about tv, radio, the internet… Lets face it advertising is powerful and the way to your success.

Now, I’m going to knock you for a loop.. Did any of these advertisement have a single prospect in mind? No, they flashed their message before everyone..Why, because like fishing you just don’t know which fish are hungry and which ones will bite at any given moment… So you always have to be prepared for a bite from the strangest places…

Which leads us to the reason I wrote this article.

What are the best places to advertise? Everywhere online, offline. Make up some flyers, index cards, business cards.

And place them at laundry matts, bulletin boards at the super market. In magazines while you wait at the doctors office, dentist office. Be creative.

Should you use free or paid advertising? Use both at all times. When you can’t afford to pay for any more ad postings, start placing free ads.

Hey, did you ever think about exit signs along the highway. Those signs are a sort of advertising.

They are advertising the most popular exit. Which one is the most popular exit you ask? It’s the one your looking for to get off the highway.

Now, I know this may sound off the wall, but I don’t think so. Even nature itself advertises. Yes, it’s true.

Say you are driving down a road and see a beautiful sunset.. And you say I would like to have a picture of a sunset hanging on my wall… What about pets nature gave us. Say you see a certain breed of cat, and you say I want a cat just like that one.

What about dogs, You see a collie and you say man I would love to have a collie.. What about trees, You see a beautiful pecan tree and you go and buy one and have it planted in your back yard.. See what I’m trying to say here, advertising is every where..

You can’t escape it.. If you tried you would only run into another one. So, you also should be advertising every where you can.

Hey, check your cell phone. What brand is it? You might be that companies sales person and not even know it.

How? By word of mouth. Say someone says to you, Wow, I really like the look of your phone, it looks cool.

What kind is it, and you tell them. And now that person goes out and buys a phone just like yours. See what happened.

You advertised that companies brand of phone by word of mouth.. And that company just got free advertising…

See how important advertising is. It’s like a river flowing free.. Until someone builds a dam and stops its flow.. How can we stop our cash flowing in, from our business? By stop advertising (we just built a dam.) And our river will dry up…(cash flow.)

I can say from experience. If you follow this advise I’m offering you here, you will in time become successful.. Just wait and see. Don’t be a quieter, be a doer.. Stay focused and advertise everywhere…

Now here is another example: Say you are going on a trip to see someone Or vacation. Make sure you take some flyers, index cards, and business cards along with you..
Leave them in all kinds of places.

Leave one on the table at a restaurant with the tip… How about placing business cards in the envelopes when you pay your bills.

Don’t just place 100 ads and say your done. You are never done placing ads.

This is the life line of your business, your success depends upon it.

My moto is: The one who advertises the most, makes the most money.

When I can’t sleep. I get up and start placing ads. I look at it this way. If I get up only to watch TV, I’m spending money. But if I place ads I’m making money.

I guess you can tell I’m so focused on advertising I even carry a small recorder with me at all times.

This way if I think of a new title for a sales letter or ad. I just record it and come back to it later and write the ad.

This works great for those with busy schedules. You have to be an aggressive advertiser to become successful at your business.

Tip for today: Start searching the web for new places to advertise. New ones pop up every day.I even give my customers a free gift for just letting me know where they seen my ad…

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